Who We Are

Bhanu Secondary English Boarding School Was established in 2045 B.S at Harrrachour V.D.C. of Gulmi district (Present: Chandrakot-3, Harrachour Gulmi) with 35 students and 7 staff members. Initially, classes from Nursery to UKG were offered. Today, it has become a full-fledged secondary school running classes from Nursery to Ten, contributing constantly in this area for spreading light of education. This school is recognized under the government of Nepal , office of District Educational office Gulmi, according to Edu.Act of 2049 B.S. (Sixth amelioration )

This is the first private English medium school around the surrounding which is going on with keen and clear vision about the qualitative education since its origin time. This School has cared enviable niche at the summit of good school through the clear aim, objectives and sincere labour and dedication of the team of academia excellent manpower.

This school is situated on out skirts of the bazaar area and quiet. Here students do labour thought out every year heaving the Concept of learn and serve with the company of friendly local and out teacher.

The school has excellent infrastructure. It has modern academic buildings with spacious classrooms, Laboratories, library, administrative offices, and hostel buildings. Moreover, with the sincere labour and dedicated academic excellent, trained manpower modern technologies, e-classes, smart-boards, sports etc are available for the overall development of our students.

Principal’s Message

At Bhanu Secondary English Boarding School we provide a safe, welcoming, learning environment

We value every child for the individual that they are, We strive to develop each child’s unique talents and ability through personal attention, a broad and balance education and extensive extra curricular opportunities. The school has excellent infrastructure. It has modern academic buildings with spacious classrooms, Laboratories, library, administrative offices, and hostel buildings. Moreover the sincere labor and dedicated academic excellent, trained manpower, modern technologies, e-classes, smart boards, sports and musical instruments etc are available for the overall development of our students.

The school is a community where friendliness and mutual respect are encouraged; and it provides the educational and social conditions for each pupil to build their self esteem and confidence, to thrive, achieve and exceed their potential.

This website will give you a flavour of what makes a Bhanu Secondary English Boarding School so special, but it can only serve to give you a brief introduction.

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    This is a general notice to all the Student, Guardian and staffs of this institution that the final examination of academic session 2078 is going to be held from 2079 Baishakh 11. Students are requested to follow attached routine and […]

Facilities We Offer


We have peculiarly managed E-library, where students and staffs can access digital books, magazines along with different knowledgeable resources. They can access the digital library through our personalized school mobile app as well. Through internet connection from where students they can quench their hunger knowledge with in a minute. We have a well facilitated computer labs with a projector having high speed internet facility. Where students can themselves be able to practically explore their knowledge.


We Provide Montessori based education for the pre-primary level student with child friendly environment. Lots of Playing and educational materials with the environment of Learning while playing along with this proper care makes us one of the highly preferable school around the surrounding.


With the motto of providing excellent, effective and competitive education to the students, we have managed schedule-wise audio-visual e-classes from Nursery to Class Ten along with smart Board. Where students are given smart class so that they can have efficiency of presenting themselves among the mass and can be able to visualize the acquired knowledge in sight.